how can smile make people happy?

Friday, April 2, 2010

salam..ok,1st time tulis kat sini..
jika ade yang tersilap harap betulkan..=)
i choose this title sempena dengan kempen 3S sekarang nie kan..salam,senyum dan sangka baik..

have u smile today?

why does people have to smile?
have u ever heard bout this words?
"do not wait to be happy so that u smile but smile to be happy"
what does it means?
it means that u have to smile in whatever situation u are..if we just wait to smile when we are in happy time..then,what will happen if we are sad throughout the day? it is not impossible rite?
so people,why we are letting the others to be sad too by making the unpleasant face?
smile at them,we might make them happy and at the same time we'll be more better.
even it is only for short time,at least we will forget the troubles we have by seeing they smile back at us.

smile in whatever situation~

have u try doing this?
if u have a problem or u get mad or u wanna cry..
u just have to see the babies' face..n i can assure that at that time u will forget about every problems u have..
u will be happy just like the little baby was..=)
i guess they have the magic in their smile..

i would like to share with u what Dr. 'A'id al-Qarni said..
the title is smile at life~

"when u smile even though ur heart is filled with worry,u will reduce ur suffering and open a door to the way out. do not hesitate to smile,for inside u there is a kind of energy full of smiles. beware of suppresing it for that means u are strangling urself with pain n suffering.
it will not harm u if u smile, even when u are talking to others about serious matters from the depth of ur heart. how wonderful it is when our lips speak the language of smiles!"

A western once said: "Smiling is a social obligation," and he was right, bcoz if u want to mix with people,u have to be nice to them. u have to understand that social life requires human skills at which u have to be proficient, one of which is smiling. this is social phenomenon which is common to all people. when u smile at people, u r sharing the beauty of life and the spirit of optimism with them; u r giving them the glad tidings of the best that they can hope for. but if u meet them with a face that is devoid of compassion, u r tormenting them n disturbing them with such appearance. how can u accept to be the cause of other people's misery?

so people,what r u waiting for?
try to smile to others that u meet today..=)
don't be to stingy to smile at others even if u don't know them well..
ur smile might be a curve that will made other people happy..who knows rite?
start ur day with smile..coz that smile might overcome the difficulties throughout ur day..
try it n have fun people~


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